A Message from our Owner... launched in January 2017 and after My 8 year Anniversary of Domination entrepreneurship in 2021, I thought to Myself, “What can I do to celebrate with those who have followed Me all these years and joined in My Kink journey?”  At the end of My videos, I always greet My viewers with “Be safe, have fun, and Keep It Kinky, Everyone.”  That final tagline stuck with Me and is perfect for branding timeless treasures that are inclusive to all BDSM related dynamics and gender identities while still representing Me and My Artistry.
My first collection features KEEP IT KINKY® as a motto I embody and would love to share with all of My fans and worshippers.  Don't miss the stiletto shoe necklaces dipped with red on the soles as an ode to one of My favorite shoe brands.  Collections will continue expanding with themed trinkets as long as there is interest.  Take a peek to see if any pieces speak to you. 
Tag Me @KeepitKinky_us + @MaraDomina and use #keepitkinky when posting your purchases online and I’ll feature you on My feeds!  Thank you so very much for giving Me this life and I look forward to venturing in this new wonderful beginning with you all~

 ♥ ♥ ♥  

Domina  Mara